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PVC change bag BIBO filter replacement bag BIBO bags for Bag In Bag Out Filter


PVC change bag BIBO filter replacement bag BIBO bags for Bag In Bag Out Filter

Developed to meet various safety-significant industry, Snow Peak BIBO bags are structured of a translucent bag mouth 0.2mm(8-mil) thick polyvinyl chloride that allows operators to check progress when filters are changed. Each bag has an elastic cord thread into the bag mouth to fit securely around housing opening. Every bag contains three long gloves and one piece of cinching strap. These gloves and strap facilitate filters change handling easier and provides a convenient used bag removal, so to ensure strictly safe environment for operators. Snow Peak offers custom-sized replacement bags against your actual requirements. 

    Product Properties

    Manufactured Size (can be customized) 1). W1100MM*L2570MM   (43''*96'') 2). W860MM*L2570MM    (33''*96'') 3). W1100MM*1600MM    (43''*64'') 4). W860MM*1600MM     (33''*64'')5). W960MM*1600MM ...
    Tolerance for width & length ±15mm
    Material & thickness Polyvinyl chloride (phthalate-free), 0.2mm
    Material characteristics Dust proof, moisture proof, water proof, insulation, acid and alkali resistance, working temperature: -15℃-50℃
    Transparent section of bag Optional 12" clear mouth on amber colored bags
    Integrated filter removal gloves usually 3pcs (also can be customized)

    Ctn size



    10 boxes

    How to use

    (1)Remove the filter box maintenance door. 
    (2)Unscrew the knob, divide it into two groups (counterclockwise direction). 
    (3)Pull out the PVC bag, use the two gloves after the PVC bag to reach in, pull out the lever under the filter, the filter is pulled out, use the two gloves behind the PVC bag, take the filter out of the box, and move it to the rear of the PVC bag for positioning. 
    (4)Tighten the PVC bag, 30 cm above the forearm, cut and seal the PVC bag, (both sides should be sealed). 
    (5) Loosen the PVC belt buckle on the flange frame and remove it, and then move the PVC bag mouth from the second section of the flange frame to the first section of the ring; Then put the prepared new PVC bag into the new filter, put the second section of the convex ring on the flange frame on the mouth of the new PVC bag, and fasten the PVC strap buckle. 
    (5)Use the 3rd glove in front of the new PVC bag, pull the old PVC bag mouth down from the flange to the inner arm of the 3rd glove and twist it tightly, cut off the 3rd glove and then use the two gloves behind the PVC bag to load the filter into the box. 
    (6)Tighten the knob of the strainer and divide it into two groups (clockwise). 
    (8) Fold the PVC bag again, close the maintenance door, and tighten the knob to complete the installation.