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How to Choose a Right Air Filter


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    How to Choose an Right Air Filter

    2023-12-25 16:23:07
    Air filter is a device made of fibers or porous materials that can remove solid particles such as dust, pollen, mold, and bacteria from the air, and filters containing adsorbents or catalysts can also remove odors and gaseous contaminants.

    Reasonably determine the stage and efficiency of the filter:

    under normal circumstances, the final filter determine s the cleanliness of the air supply, and the upstream filters at all levels play a protective role. The efficiency of the end filter should be determined according to the cleanliness requirements of the supply air, and then the pre-filter should be selected for protection, and if the pre-filter also needs protection, a filter should be added to the front end. There are three and four common filter stages, and it is recommended to set a primary filter every 2~4 efficiency levels. weeeee19s5

    Adjust the service life of all levels filters

    there are two main factors affecting the service life of the filter: first, the filter material area in the filter is small or the dust holding capacity per unit area is small. The larger the filtration area, the more dust can be contained, and the longer the service life of the filter. The larger the filtration area, the lower the speed at which the air flows through the material, and the lower the resistance of the filter. 
    Increasing the filtration area is the most effective means of extending the service life of the filter. Second, the filtration efficiency of the pre-filter is low. Appropriately increasing the efficiency level of the pre-filter to block most of the dust can also improve the service life of the end filter.
    The configuration of filter types and efficiency in various places: what kind of filter is configured on what occasion and what efficiency is the filter is explored after years of practice. For example, it is best to choose an F7 efficiency filter for the comfort air conditioning system in the city, and whether there are special requirements for odor gases, it is necessary to add a gas filter. sfs2bi2