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G2 G3 G4 primary efficiency green white air filter roll material media


G2 G3 G4 primary efficiency green white air filter roll material media

Green and white cotton is a common air filter material, made of encrypted and thickened synthetic fiber, green and white cotton filter material is green and white, green side is the air upwind side. Green and white cotton has good filtering effect, can effectively filter particles and impurities in the air, and has low wind resistance. At the same time, green and white cotton is also suitable for some high temperature environment filtration needs. It is often used to filter dust and particulate matter in ventilation and air conditioning systems, clean workshops and clean rooms.

    Product Properties

    1. Filter material - synthetic or polyester.

    2. Efficiency --G2, G3, G4. 

    3. Encrypted and thickened synthetic fiber. 

    4. Low resistance, high filtration efficiency for dust.

    5. High dust capacity, long service life. 

    6. Sustainable temperature resistance 100℃, the highest high temperature resistance 170℃.


    synthetic or polyester



    Thickness (mm)

    5、10、20、30(can be customized)

    Dust capacity(g/m2)





    50 (can be customized)



    Tolerable temperature



    Green/white (can be customized)

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    ● One-stop Service & solution for Fresh Air

    ● Engaged in air filtration research and development, production and sales for more than 15 years.

    ● Factory price for air filter materials and air filter products.

    ● OEM & ODM support, fast delivery.

    ● Compact and durable - encrypted and thickened fiber, high dust content and long service life.

    ● Low resistance and temperature resistance - low initial resistance, sustainable tolerance to specific high temperature environment.

    ● High filtration efficiency - high filtration efficiency for fine dust and particulate matter.

    Main products

    Our products include industrial pre-filter, pocket/bag air filter, mini/deep pleated HEPA filter, V-bank filter, chemical air filter; household air purifier replacement HEPA, carbon air filter and combination air filter, cabin air filter, cleaner air filter, humidifier air filter as well as air filter materials such as pocket filter roll media, paint stop fiberglass media, ceiling filter media, coarse filter media, melt-blown fabric, air filter paper,etc


    Dust and particulate matter filtration for ventilation and air conditioning systems, clean workshops and clean rooms