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Efficient removal of particle and odor sandwich activated carbon fabric air filter material


Efficient removal of particle and odor sandwich activated carbon fabric air filter material

It is made of high-quality granular activated carbon and non-woven fabrics compounded by a specific production process. It has the characteristics of good adsorption, high strength, easy forming, low resistance and long service life, good adsorption effect on benzene, formaldehyde, sulfur oxides, ammonia and other polluting gases, and can also filter particles. It can be used for indoor and automobile air purification, and can also be used for industrial and domestic water purification.

    Product Properties

    Filter media--meltblown+Activated carbon+polyester fiber 

    Efficiency--MPPS efficiency 85%~99.97%

    Efficient removal of particulate matter and odor gas 

    Low resistance, low energy consumption, low cost

    Large dust holding capacity and long service life



    meltblown+Activated carbon+polyester fiber







    Roll length(m)

    500 (can be customized)



    Working temperature


    Working humidity


    photobank (67)t38photobank (76)az6


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    ● Safety and environmental protection

    Main products

    Our products include industrial pre-filter, pocket/bag air filter, mini/deep pleated HEPA filter, V-bank filter, chemical air filter; household air purifier replacement HEPA, carbon air filter and combination air filter, cabin air filter, cleaner air filter, humidifier air filter as well as air filter materials such as pocket filter roll media, paint stop fiberglass media, ceiling filter media, coarse filter media, melt-blown fabric, air filter paper, etc.


    Indoor and automotive air purification, can also be used for industrial and water purification.