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Customized top side Gel Seal liquid tank mini pleated compact Hepa Filter for Clean Room


Customized top side Gel Seal liquid tank mini pleated compact Hepa Filter for Clean Room

High efficiency particulate air filter, or HEPA, can achieve filtration efficiencies of more than 99.97% for 0.1 μm and 0.3 μm. Air can pass through, but fine particles cannot, often in places where there is a high demand for clean air.

The gel-sealed hepa filter has a ring-circumferential U-section liquid tank, its unique liquid tank structure design has better performance than traditional sealing structure. The gel-sealed hepa filter can meet some occasions with extremely high requirements for filter sealing performance, and is an ideal terminal filter for industrial clean rooms and biological clean rooms.

    Product Properties

    1. Thickness--50 mm, 69 mm, 90 mm and other thicknesses available 

    2. Outer frame--sandwich wood, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy profile; filter material double-sided with metal protective net  

    3. Filter Grade--H10~H14, U15, U16(EN1882). 

    4. Liquid tank design, better sealing performance .

    5. Compact structure, easy installation. 

    6. High filtration efficiency, low resistance.

    7. High dust holding capacity, long service life.

    8. Low operating cost.

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    ● Seamless sealing - unique seamless sealing technology, more durable sealing, not easy to leak International standard - more clean for places where international standard air is required Laser scanning - laser scanning count MPPS up to 95%-99.999995% (EN1882)

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    Our products include industrial pre-filter, pocket/bag air filter, HEPA filter, V-bank filter, chemical air filter; household air purifier replacement HEPA, carbon air filter and combination air filter, cabin air filter, cleaner air filter, humidifier air filter as well as air filter materials such as pocket filter roll media, paint stop fiberglass media, ceiling filter media, coarse filter media, melt-blown fabric, air filter paper, etc.


    Clean room end-of-line filtration in hospitals, biopharmaceuticals, semiconductors, precision machinery, and other fields.